Gun Amnesty Program

What Is Gun Amnesty?

The Gun Amnesty Program is a cooperative effort between local church leaders and city and county government officials providing individuals the opportunity to turn in illegal weapons to authorities. As part of its commitment to reducing gun violence in Schenectady, the Schenectady Police Department and the

Schenectady County District Attorneys Office have agreed to allow any member of the community to forfeit a firearm to the Police Department under the agreement of amnesty.

Beginning April 1, 2008 and continuing through May 31, 2008 anyone surrendering an unlicensed firearm consisting of a pistol, revolver, sawed-off shotgun or rifle at a designated collection area will receive immunity from prosecution for the charge of criminal possession of a weapon that could otherwise be brought for owning or possessing that weapon. This grant of immunity will not apply to any other crimes (i.e... murder, robbery, or assault) that may have been committed with the weapon before it was surrendered

to police custody.


In order to qualify for this immunity, the person surrendering the weapon must at the time of surrender produce a valid identification and be prepared to assist Schenectady Police Department personnel in documenting facts regarding the weapon surrendered.

How to Surrender a Weapon:

Contact one of the below listed groups to coordinate the surrendering of a weapon. Weapons are not to be brought to the Schenectady Police Headquarters or Congregational locations without first making

arrangements. Weapons may be surrendered by contacting one of the following:


   Schenectady Police - Office of Field Intelligence (518) 788-6566;

   Schenectady Police Dispatch Center, arranging delivery or pick-up of the weapon, (518) 382-5263; or

   Clergy member who will facilitate the surrendering of said weapon.

Gun Amnesty Contact: (518) 788-6566

Participating Churches: Duryee Memorial AME Zion (370-0571) ; Christ Family Fellowship Church; Faith Deliverance Tabernacle; Stanford & Albany Street United Methodist Church (372-9201); New Bethel Church; Carman United Methodist Church; Eastern Parkway United Methodist Church (374-4306); Faith United Methodist Church; Christ Church (374-3064); Koinonia Christian Center; 1st United Methodist Church (881-8406); SICM, Temple Gates of Heaven (372-1277).