DATE/TIME: Friday, February 11th, 2005 / 05:30 PM

A 34-year-old emotionally disturbed man is in custody after being involved in 2 bizarre incidents this morning.

At about 11:30 a.m., officers responded to 155 Erie Boulevard after receiving a report that Kendall Spraragen, 25 Lawnwood Avenue, Schenectady, was going there to kill his father. As the officers were interviewing the father, Spraragen entered the building. When the officers attempted to arrest him, he violently resisted. Pepper spray was used on him, but had no effect. Several officers eventually subdued Spraragen.

At the same time Spraragen entered 155 Erie, the Police Communications Center advised patrol units that the Trustco Bank branch at 320 State Street had just been robbed. Arriving officers were advised that the robber had exited through the bank’s rear door, which is across the street from 155 Erie.

An investigation revealed that Spraragen was the man who had attempted to rob Trustco. He entered the bank and attempted to cash a check. When the teller refused, Spraragen became irate. As he was holding an unknown silver object in his hand, Spraragen demanded money. Spraragen then left the bank without the money and walked to 155 Erie where officers were interviewing his father. The silver object was a large folding knife.

After being taken into custody, Spraragen was transported in a patrol car to Ellis Hospital. While the vehicle was in motion on Erie Boulevard, Spraragen drove his head into a metal window screen, detaching the welded screen and shattering the glass it protects. With his hands cuffed behind his back, he attempted to escape from the car by diving headfirst through the open window. His upper torso was out of the car when it was stopped. He was subdued and then transported to Ellis in a secure prisoner transport van.

Two officers sustained injuries while taking Spraragen into custody at 155 Erie Boulevard. Officer Sherri Barnes sustained knee and wrist injuries, and Officer Philip Feldhaus sustained a hand injury. Both officers were treated at Ellis Hospital and released.

Although criminal charges against Spraragen are not complete at this time, charges will include attempted robbery and felony assault. A detailed list of charges will be released when they are completed.

A mug shot of Spraragen is not available at this time.