DATE/TIME: Thursday, January 11th, 2007 / 02:00 PM

Three Brooklyn men have been arrested on burglary charges related to Wednesday morning’s shooting at 139 Prospect Street that critically wounded a fourth Brooklyn man.

The shooting occurred when 21-year-old Christopher Millington, 20-year-old Daniel Riffas, 19-year-old Marcus Smith-Hunte and 22-year-old Justin Warren drove up from Brooklyn to 139 Prospect to attack a man staying there who reportedly slashed Riffas’ face during a December altercation in Albany. When they arrived, Riffas, Millington and Warren entered the house while Smith-Hunte waited outside in the car. Gunfire was apparently exchanged between the three intruders and the two men inside the house, during which Millington and Warren were shot. The men fled the house and were driven to Ellis Hospital by Smith-Hunte.

Warren was shot in the left hand. He was treated and released. Millington was shot in the abdomen and sustained serious internal injuries. He remains in critical condition.

The two men inside the house left after the incident have not yet been located. Yesterday morning, a semi-automatic handgun and a ski mask – believed to be from one of the three intruders – were found outside the Prospect Street house.

Riffas, Smith-Hunte and Warren have each been charged with the felony of Burglary-2nd degree. They were arraigned this morning in Police Court and remanded to the Schenectady County Jail. Millington will be similarly charged if he survives.