DATE/TIME: Saturday, December 1st, 2007 / 02:30 PM
SUBJECT:Consumer Alert- Possible Internet Scam

Recently, the Schenectady Police Department received an e-mail from an out of state resident reporting a possible internet scam operating out of this city. The individual told police he posted a want-ad on the internet site to purchase a Nintendo Wii video console. He was contacted by an individual claiming to be named Earl Stinsworth of 2652 State Street, Schenectady who offered to sell a new Nintendo Wii with fourteen games and accessories for $150.00, well below retail.

According to the out-of-state resident, he offered to meet Stinsworth in person to complete the transaction. Stinsworth refused, suggesting payment for the video system be made via the internet. Once payment was received, Stinsworth would then ship the item to the buyer. The skeptical buyer never completed the transaction. He later identified via the internet others who claimed to have been “scammed” by Stinsworth.

The address Stinsworth claims to reside at does not exist. The phone number he provided to the potential buyer is never answered and has a full mail box. This department has no record of any contact with anyone named Earl Stinsworth. His claim that he resides in Schenectady can not be substantiated.

The potential buyer in this case was sufficiently suspicious of Stinsworth not to complete the transaction. Online shoppers should thoroughly research online vendors who sell current-trend merchandise well below retail value.