DATE/TIME: Friday, October 3rd, 2003 / 04:05 PM
SUBJECT:Schenectady “Fight Blight” Initiative

The Schenectady Police Department, Fire Department, Neighborhood Revitalization Department, and Bureau of Code Enforcement have just completed a joint initiative to “fight blight” in the city neighborhoods. The goal of the initiative, introduced today by Mayor Albert P. Jurczynski and Public Safety Commissioner Daniel B. Boyle, is to identify and initiate corrective measures concerning criminal activity, code violations and other conditions that affect quality of life issues in a targeted area.

The results of today’s initiative, targeting the 800 Blocks of Stanley and Emmett Streets, as well Stanley Street’s 700 block, are as follows:

Total Properties Inspected - 53
Total Properties with Code Violations - 26
Total Observed Code Violations - 124
Smoke Detectors Distributed - 40
Abandoned Vehicles Towed - 2
Citations for Abandoned, Unregistered, or Hazardous Vehicles - 17
Traffic Tickets Issued - 9
Criminal Arrests - 2
Dog Violations (# summons issued ) 3

**Look for photos of this initiative on our current events page.