DATE/TIME: Thursday, October 9th, 2008 / 06:30 PM
SUBJECT:Assault Arrests

At approximately 11:07 AM police responded to the area of 752 Albany Street for a report of an assault. Upon arrival police found that Tito A. Garcia-Castro (24) of 916 Delamont Ave went there to get some property from his sister. An argument ensued during which Titoís sisterís boyfriend Yismell Rodriguez (23) of 752 Albany Street and he began fighting and stabbed each other. As Tito is leaving Yismell follows him outside with a golf club and attempts to strike him but strikes the vehicle instead breaking the windshield. Tito then attempts to strike Yismell with the vehicle but instead runs into the building, 752 Albany St causing damage to the building. Tito then left the scene and was located in the rear of 916 Delamont Ave where he had fled with the vehicle. Both Tito and Yismell were treated at Ellis Hospital and released with non life threatening wounds.

Tito was charged with Assault 2nd and Reckless Endangerment 1st. Yismell was charged with Assault 2nd. Further charges are pending regarding the damage to the building.

Both are in custody at Police Headquarters awaiting arraignment. There are no photos available at this time.